Savannah Art Walk was founded in March 2015 by Artist Tiffani Taylor, owner of the Tiffani Taylor Gallery. Ms. Taylor and Lead Sponsors created Savannah Art Walk to celebrate Savannah's wealth of creativity and increase patronage to
local Galleries and Artists.


"If you’ve ever wanted to meet Savannah’s artists, this is your chance! The Savannah Art Walk is a monthly self-guided tour highlighting Historic District art galleries. Visit gorgeous galleries, admire Savannah-made art and meet the artists behind the work."  Visit Savannah 2018

"Romantic, Dreamy, Divine...We have excellent people working together. We have strong pillars of the community." - Tiffani Taylor, Connect Savannah 2015

"It reminds me of the Renaissance, because during that time you had guilds - the writers, the painters, the metalsmiths - and they were collaborative and we have that now in Savannah." - Tiffani Taylor, Savannah Morning News 2015



We are so grateful for our Lead Sponsors and their continued collaboration to create a Renaissance:  A synergy between the tourism industry and art community in Savannah, Georgia. 

Thank you, Tiffani Taylor Gallery, The Perry Lane Hotel, and The Hyatt Hotel!