Featured Artist | Carlos Antonio Colon

Savannah Art Walk is proud to present our Featured Artist this month is Carlos Antonio Colon! Carlos CV His exhibition and presentation will take place at 6 pm at The DeSoto.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Carlos now lives in Savannah with his wife and children. He currently serves as a Career Coach for painting and photography students at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and is a SCAD - The University for Creative Careers Alumni himself.

In celebration of SCAD's 40th Anniversary, the Savannah Art Walk was proud to showcase a fellow SCAD 'bee!' SCAD serves as a loyal Sponsor to the Savannah Art Walk and has two locations on our map for you to tour this Saturday: ShopSCAD and Gutstein Gallery!

Carlos will also be PAINTING LIVE at the Hyatt Regency Savannah from 3-4:30 pm!!! You do not want to miss this incredible opportunity!

Artist Statement:

"Drawing and painting are a method of study. They are a means to understand the realities we perceive. Curiosity governs the impulse to look closer at the landscape and mind the details. The act of representation is a formal acknowledgment of the experience, and “discovery,” in the encounter.

Titles emphasize representation and serve as a record of a place and time. In this manner, they create a log of my whereabouts and findings. As for example: “Somebody Else’s House, 315 W. Henry Street, Savannah, GA, 2008.”

Representation and the experience of a particular time and place are at odds with the visual experience of an abstract aesthetic. The work engages us in a matching exercise between what we see and what we know. I aim for this dichotomy to provoke curiosity. The viewer’s encounter with the work parallels my own process of discovery, encouraging contemplation."

-Carlos Antonio Colon