Featured Location | Tandem Art + Design

Today we would like to feature Stop #21 on the Map: Tandem Art + Design! One of three galleries in Historic Savannah's Design District, we are so happy to introduce another new Savannah Art Walk Member!

About the Gallery: www.tandemco.com

"The gallery's unassuming exterior — nestled within a facade of late 19th Century brick — is perhaps the most telling of Tandem's M.O.: to celebrate the art and craft behind everyday culture. Gallery owners Rob and Janee Hadley have a thing for craftsmanship, which becomes clear after stepping up into this Eastlake-style town home. All of the architectural details original to the building have been painstakingly restored, its now white walls and rich wood floors allow for the art to speak for itself, all the while whispering at visitors to consider the home a piece of art in and of itself."

Currently on exhibition is artwork by the owner's themselves which you can view and/or purchase during our second Art Walk of the Season on October 13th!
RSVP here today: www.savannahartwalk.com