Special Thanks to 13 Secrets

Huge amounts of thanks goes out to one of our newest sponsors for the Savannah Art Walk: 13 Secrets! They have such a classy establishment and bring such beauty with their jewelry gallery to our historic Art Walk. They never fail to attend our monthly opening reception at The Kimpton Brice Hotel and speak about their artists. Please be sure to stop by #11 on the Art Walk Map tomorrow during our Savannah Art Walk Season Finale!

"13 Secrets Jewelry Gallery was founded to introduce jewelry artists from around the world and display them in elegant, chic and approachable environment. Chad Crawford, the store owner was driven by Savannah's artistic culture. Art is more than paintings, as 13 Secrets proves, by bringing art directly form artists' studios that Chad has met through his extensive travels. In addition, Chad continually creates designs for his own jewelry line - Andrew Hamilton Crawford at 13 Secrets which has been featured in major fashion publications like Vogue, Oprah, Elle and Lucky Magazine."

Photography by: Krystal Nicole Oblinger