Ranked #1 on Visit Savannah

Savannah Art Walk was proudly ranked #1 on Visit Savannah's list, by Larissa Allen, of "Six Unforgettable Art Events in Savannah."

Allen says: " If you’ve ever wanted to meet Savannah’s artists, this is your chance! The Savannah Art Walk is a monthly self-guided tour highlighting Historic District art galleries. Visit gorgeous galleries, admire Savannah-made art and meet the artists behind the work."

The Savannah Art Walk is an event that brings positive energy, inspiration and is dedicated to bringing artists and galleries together as a successful tribe, while at the same time raising awareness for Savannah's Art Scene. It takes place the second Saturday of every month, except for July and August, and is growing larger each season.

Interested in becoming a participating gallery or sponsor? Call the Tiffani Taylor Gallery at 912-507-7860 for contract information and to schedule a meeting! We will accept applications until the end of August (2018).



-SAW Team