Featured Savannah Galleries | Tiffani Taylor Gallery

We will be announcing our Savannah Art Walk Galleries of the new season -- beginning September 8th -- and thought we would start with the Tiffani Taylor Gallery, one of the 25 stops on our Savannah Art Walk:

Tiffani Taylor is the owner of her eponymous Gallery and is the Founder and Producer of the Savannah Art Walk. Ms.Taylor has lived in Savannah for twenty years and has grown into a major advocate of the Savannah art scene and local charities. In creating the Savannah Art Walk, Ms.Taylor has inspired a positive energy event for the city, tourists, as well as increased foot traffic and patronage to Galleries and Artists in Savannah, Georgia, which she strives to affirm is in fact, the city to collect art in the United States. Set in the heart of the historic district, the Tiffani Taylor Gallery creates an inviting and vibrant atmosphere to showcase her equally as welcoming artwork. Her signature red poppies dance along the walls while flecks of gold leaf catch rays of sunlight that stray in through the tall arched windows. Inspired by the beauty of nature and her time in Paris and Italy, Taylor's paintings and pottery are reflective of emotions, moments, life, reverence, and the appreciation of the journey. Within the gallery you will find the work of Savannah Art Walk sponsor Melissa Wambach Schneider. Her iconic encaustic photographs bring a lovely level of depth and mystery to the space and pair beautifully with Taylor’s organic paintings. Be sure to stop in to this peaceful Art Sanctuary and meet the Founder of our wonderful event along with a variety of other artists she represents. As Ms.Taylor is often quoted as saying, "Infinite Possibilities!"


Photographs by Leslie Hand Photography